Have you been thinking of your Reiki journey? Do you feel a desire to know more, to do more, for yourself and others? Have you been wondering how you can do that? Well one way is with Reiki and if you are already a Reiki I practitioner then perhaps your next step is Reiki II.

 “Everything happens twice”  –  “Everything real was once imagined”   These are two amazing sentences I heard a few weeks ago and they have embedded within me in a deeply concise and powerful way perhaps forever, one of the main principles I have been learning and teaching for many years – and that is that almost everything in our life including our health and wellbeing, is determined by the thoughts we think….the quality of our life reflects the quality of our thinking.

Everything really happens with a thought – first it happens in the mind with a thought and then in comes into physical reality because of the direct action we take as a result of that thought. So everything happens twice, once in the mind and then in physical reality….so everything real was once imagined.

So if we have a desire, we need but to think it first.  These are not new concepts, but they are concepts that I believe we can never hear enough because they are so integral to living the life we want, to living our best life, for ourself and others.

There is always more for us to learn and always more levels of healing for ourself and others

Have you been thinking there are so many more levels of healing and so much more you would like to explore as a Reiki practitioner in assisting in the healing journey of others and also in moving yourself along on your own healing and learning journey?

If you are already a Reiki I practitioner and would like to delve deeper into your Reiki healing journey then Reiki II is for you.

Reiki II will introduce you to the Reiki Symbols – understanding their energy, their meaning, how to use them, how to draw them, and the perception of power associated with them. Symbols have been used throughout history and we use them in our everyday life without even being aware (ie, stop signs, red lights, green lights, arrows etc etc). They do carry power because they communicate a message. Likewise with Reiki II, the symbols hold the power of the message they are intended to communicate. So it is not a mystical inexplicable thing….it is quantum physics – just as we can alter the molecular structure of water by our thoughts – (see the work of Dr Emoto) there have been countless experiences,  many studies done and papers written on the power of thought manifesting events, outcomes,  altering situations, things even from behind closed doors and even miles apart.

So it is my wish that the student understands the very conscious, powerful and aware act of Reiki II healing, using symbols.

When I was taught some years ago, there was no explanation – except that these are the symbols, learn how to draw them and memorise them, and then use them when treating a client or yourself, by either thinking them or drawing them with your hand above the client.

In essence that is what we do, however there is so much more involved in the thought process, the awareness, the how and why that works, and I believe it is important that as practitioners we have as much clarity, information and knowledge about what, why and how we are practising and particularly clarity of intent.

Clarity makes it real in that it takes away the mystical aspect of not really knowing how things work, just that they do. Knowledge and information give power and allow for clear intention which is behind all results – it is the intention that carries the power, but we need to be clear and informed about what we intend to do or to happen.

During my Reiki II seminars you will also be introduced to Distant/absentee healing – once again the power of our thoughts and understanding that our thoughts are things, they are energy, and that energy moves and travels and distance is not an impediment to how far it travels, and energy cannot be destroyed, it merely changes form.

You will be introduced to methods of Healing deeper traumas using the Reiki symbols and the power of intention and thought.

As well you will be introduced to healing crises, healing relationships, healing situations (personal or global), healing situations from the past, present or the future.

This is all done with our intention and our thoughts – remember, everything happens twice and everything real was once imagined. There is one more powerful ingredient – and that is the power of Love. Reiki means universal life force energy – which is pure love. So as we connect to Reiki healing we automatically connect to the Universal Love Energy….where everything and everyone are connected as one, and where there are infinite possibilities.

Also I  include a business component from the perspective of the higher purpose of Reiki as part of a business (and indeed the higher purpose of any business). Reiki means Universal Life Force Energy, and as such it is simply that, universal and free – it has however, become a large part of the world wide health industry, included in hospitals and practised in some places by nurses – which as well as being amazing is important and necessary, but as such, could also be exposed to compromise.
So we will look at honouring the wisdom, energy, and time of the practitioner and client and maintaining the integrity and higher purpose of Reiki.

It would be my great honour to present a Reiki II seminar to you and to introduce you to an amazing new phase on Life’s journey – if this speaks to you please contact me.

 Yours in Reiki

Candida Vassallo

At Ease Candid Health