Retreats, Workshops
& Learning

Candida has been conducting spiritual and Yoga retreats since 2009, both overseas and in Australia.

Candida has been conducting spiritual and Yoga retreats since 2009, both overseas and in Australia. She believes that today more than ever, this sort of opportunity, to take some time out from our normal day-to-day routines and struggles is absolutely essential for our wellbeing, growth and contribution to our own life, and that of our family, friends and work.

To take time out is in itself important, and to do that in an environment with a structure such as a Spiritual and Yoga program, where from the moment of arrival, the participant feels a wash of peace, calm, safety and empowerment – and then becomes introduced with loving kindness, to strategies and skills whereby the problems and troubles of their everyday life can be resolved at least to some degree, makes very worthwhile use of that timeout. So participants leave the retreat with a sense of healing having taken place on deep levels, and feel strong, energised and empowered and with a sense of anticipation of the future.

Candida believes passionately in establishing balance in our life, and in ongoing evolution on all levels, and that taking the time to restore and regenerate, and regroup our energies, is most important to enable this. She also believes that conducting these retreats is a significant part of her life journey and feels both honoured and humbled to be in a position to design and organise these programs and events.

Reiki Workshops

Candida is a Reiki Master/Teacher and conducts Reiki workshops regularly, whether that be one-on-one or in groups, so you will be able to register when it is most appropriate for you if you do not wish to wait for a group to be formed. These are accredited practitioner workshops and there are three levels that may be studied, Reiki I, Reiki II and Reiki III (the Master and/or Teacher level). However, it is not uncommon for people to stay with the Reiki I level, but the facility is there for advancement if the student wishes.

Candida is very passionate about passing on to anyone who is willing to learn, her health and healing knowledge, techniques and methodologies. She has a strong believe that being an initiate and practitioner of Reiki is a profound gift to ourselves, to all with whom we interact and to our beautiful planet.