Yoga Practise

One hour classes (excluding school and public holidays) Monday mornings, 10.30am to 11.30am at PrimeCare Physio and Pilates Studio, 909 South Road, Clarence Gardens SA. Male and female students and any age and ability level welcome

Empower and inspire you on your journey to a happier, healthier way of being

Namaste – If you would like to enjoy an hour or so of a lovely Yoga class, with kind and loving people of varied ages and ability levels, and at the same time feel the restoration, the strength-building, the focus enhancing, and the aliveness that you have been missing or wanting to grow in your life, then Yoga with Candida is for you.

I say this with complete candour and honesty because this has been my experience through teaching Yoga for the past 21 years. I seriously took up Yoga practice because of a back injury and through my journey with Yoga discovered the healing of that injury and much more. I learned about my relationship with myself and with my body, and with first-hand, physical and mental clarity, how my body responds to my thoughts. With the ultimate realisation that I am responsible for my wellness or unwellness – it doesn’t happen to me, it happens through me.

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To me, Yoga is truly the Science of Living, because apart from the physical healing, there is so much more benefit that occurs on every level of life. This happens because we work with the body, mind and spirit, by combining breath and movement. The mind follows the breath, so by slowing the breath, we slow and still the mind. This enables clarity and focus. By moving our body in synchronisation with slow breathing and a focussed mind, our body responds in kind. That is, it releases resistance, and flows more effortlessly, at the same time, enabling balance, strength and flexibility. The Yoga asanas (poses) directly impact our organs and body systems, which are stimulated and calmed (whichever is appropriate for us), massaged and balanced. All of which leads to overall improved health and wellbeing and a renewed feeling of aliveness.

Through our learning in Yoga class of the importance of balance, slowing the breath, flowing through asanas, developing focus and concentration, building strength, developing flexibility, we also learn that we can take these qualities into our daily life, they do not have to stop at the end of a Yoga class – that they relate as much to our body, as to our mind and spirit – so Yoga truly becomes a personal experience of our own Science of Living.

As with anything in life, one may take it as far as is appropriate for them at the time – whatever one chooses to do is right for them. There is no expectation from my class, but I do invite you to come with an open mind and heart and with your own expectation that it will be a joyful experience.