Does the same issue keep coming up in your life over and over again, even though
you have done so much work to overcome or clear it?

Does the change you are trying to make seem to elude you?

With Hypnotherapy, I can help with whatever is eluding or blocking you so that you can move forward with your life and create the life you have been wishing for.
Many are wary of hypnotherapy because of not being sure exactly what it is and what it does, and thinking that we would be handing over the control of our mind to someone else.

Although this is not uncommon thinking, it is inaccurate – and I believe this
inaccuracy is brought about by the media representation of hypnotherapy, the
theatrics of hypnosis – (which is quite different from hypnotherapy) – where people are seemingly controlled in doing things they normally would not do.

Hypnotherapy is a therapy – the meaning of which is a treatment, a remedy, a healing, a help, a psychotherapy – and within a hypnotherapy session a state of
hypnosis is reached, through deep relaxation… it is simply that – a state of deep
relaxation. This state of deep relaxation, hypnosis, is a natural state, and many
people reach this state of consciousness every day without even realising it. When we are watching TV, reading a book or driving a car, we are in a light state of hypnosis. We are in control and have an increased ability to concentrate, and are operating on autopilot (from our subconscious mind) without really realising it. A great deal of research has been conducted on the hypnotic state and various states of consciousness and is a naturally occurring state similar to daydreaming or meditation.
In fact, hypnosis is a form of self-control, where you allow yourself to relax deeply, in order to step aside from the conscious mind and access the subconscious mind where 95% of our ‘stuff” is stored, of which we are unaware. Like the driving of a car – because we have done it so many times, the ‘how’ to do it, is stored in our subconscious mind, so we don’t have to think about what to do, we know what to do… and we can access it easily when we simply relax and drive.

Do you feel like you self sabotage, are stuck or blocked?

Firstly, I work together with you, to gain clarity on what it is exactly that you want to achieve and to make sure that you understand the process of Hypnotherapy, so as to help you experience this deeply relaxed and natural state. Here are a few things’ hypnotherapy is used for:

  1. Weight reduction
  2. Stop smoking
  3. Help with anxiety
  4. Help with depression
  5. Improve confidence
  6. Improve your relationships
  7. Improve your health
  8. Improve your business or career

And a whole lot more!

In this deeply relaxed state, we can bypass the conscious mind so that your problems can be quickly resolved on an unconscious level. With your permission, suggestions are made to your unconscious mind, and you can always choose to accept these suggestions or not.

Hypnotherapy will not work unless you want it to and are willing to make changes in your life. So it is always your choice. It is an amazingly empowering and helpful tool for life.