If you are struggling with the effects and symptoms of menopause, please know that you don’t have to. It’s not something you just have to tolerate until you get past it – which could take years. I have been having success for many years now with my clients who are suffering from the effects of menopause by using the relaxing and effective treatments of Acupressure and Lymphatic Drainage.

When we understand how these treatments work we can see how they would reduce and alleviate these uncomfortable and at times debilitating effects. While menopause is not a disease or disorder, it does trigger some profound changes in a woman’s body. There is great variation in how different women experience menopause. About 75% of women have hot flashes. Night-time hot flashes and sweats are more common and may result in chronic sleep deprivation. Other effects are fluid retention, bloating, weight gain particularly around the abdomen, hypothyroidism or decreased functioning of the thyroid gland can occur and there is even a link to fibromyalgia. Not everyone will experience all of these – generally women experience about two of these effects.

These symptoms and effects are caused through fluctuating hormone levels through the process of aging, causing imbalances in our hormonal system. The good news is that we can restore this balance – and one way is with these non-invasive calming treatments of Acupressure and Lymphatic Drainage.

Acupressure works very similarly to Acupuncture except without needles – it uses the same meridians and works by dissipating stagnant energy (Chi) to allow energy to flow as it needs to throughout the body, restoring balance and health. Similarly to when we stretch tired muscles – after stretching we feel so much better – that is because the energy is flowing through our muscles as it needs to, allowing us to feel more energised and relaxed. So likewise, Acupressure treatments restore balance to our hormonal system as well as to the rest of our body and mind.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage has a dual effect in that it aids the body to eliminate toxins and excess fluid through the blood stream and kidneys, and it also carries nutrients to the organs and body systems. So likewise, it greatly reduces and eliminates bloating and fluid retention and allows the nutrients the body needs particularly through this menopausal process, to be carried to the various body systems including the hormonal system, restoring balance. If this article speaks to you, please contact me and we can have a telephone consultation and book an appointment if you wish to give these treatments a try.

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Candida Vassallo

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