Spiritual/Life Coach

My style of coaching is somewhat unique, in that I incorporate into the coaching session, the spiritual aspect of life, as being a part which makes up the whole person and the whole of the life experience. I will do this according to client needs and agreement, using techniques such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, or tapping), Acupressure, Reiki, Meditation, Hypnotherapy – which ever of these are deemed most appropriate. These techniques can greatly assist in shifting subconscious programs and beliefs and changing limiting habits and thought patterns – thereby making the process more effortless, enjoyable and time effective.

Massage Therapy
The many and varied benefits of Massage Therapy have been understood and enjoyed for many years throughout history, predating Ancient Rome. The human touch is unique in itself for the calming and healing it can bring, and when united with heart, care and skill on the part of the practitioner, the benefits multiply many times. Many of us see relaxation as a luxury and certainly one we do not have time for and so do not structure it into our lives. I believe this is a huge mistake and one which is costing us dearly. Because of the fast pace of our living, we need to make time to restore and replenish, not only our body but our mind and spirit as well.

Massage acts directly on the nervous system, activating the parasympathetic nervous system (the opposite of the “fight or flight syndrome” that we are so familiar with) which restores and heals. Most of us operate from the sympathetic nervous system most of the time, which is the “fight or flight” aspect and keeps all our body systems running very fast and when in this mode for prolonged periods of time, we deplete our immune system and sometimes even devastate it.

Regular massage is the solution to many of our problems as it restores us to a state of balance and clarity, strengthening our immune system, decreasing our stress levels, releasing natural endorphins that reduce pain and give a feel-good factor and at the same time bringing relief from dis-ease such as high blood pressure, anxiety, tension, depression, insomnia, as well as back pain, headache, muscle pain and some forms of chronic pain. It improves circulation, joint mobility, sports injuries, digestive disorders, premenstrual tension. It detoxifies the body and mind helping with fatigue and restful sleep.

Based on the same principles as Acupuncture, using pressure instead of needles, Acupressure works by stimulating specific reflex points located along the lines of energy which run through the body, called meridians and these meridians correspond to individual organs of the body. When the body’s vital energies are able to flow through the meridians in a balanced and even way, the result is good health. However, when there is a block or leak in the energy flow within the body we experience pain or illness.

There is a natural source of healing power in everyone. When this healing power is activated, it triggers a series of internal processes producing a Healing Response.

The goal for Acupressure is to stimulate the points that will activate the body’s Healing Response to release blocked energy, eliminate toxins and so produce healing for specific conditions. The effects of Acupressure are cumulative and through repetitive treatments, the body learns a new and effective way to activate the Healing Response on its own and increases the power to heal itself without any outside intervention.

Bowen Therapy
Bowen Therapy is a holistic therapy that balances and integrates the body’s systems – physical, mental and emotional. It is a remedial body technique that is gentle and relaxing. It helps the body’s own healing resources to achieve balance and harmony, which can result in lasting relief from pain and discomfort. Benefits may be seen after the first session and substantial relief after 3-5 sessions.

It is a vibrational energy, which makes it safe to use on anyone from newborns to the elderly. It facilitates the balancing of a range of conditions and is a holistic treatment, which aims to treat the whole person. The precise location of the Bowen moves correlate markedly with the latest research into the meridian energy system, acupoints and myofascial trigger point therapy and is designed to stimulate the body’s natural healing abilities back into action. It consists of a series of moves across the muscular and skeletal structures, each at a specific site on the body. This acts upon the nerve endings in the muscles to signal the brain, which in response stimulates the muscle structure to release or realign.

Bowen facilitates the balancing of a broad range of conditions and is particularly effective with back problems. It encourages the body to regain optimal functioning by improving circulation, lymphatic and venous drainage, assimilation of nutrients, elimination of toxins, normalisation of cellular physiology and tissue structure and improves muscular and joint mobility.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage
Lymphatic Manipulation is a precise technique designed to promote the normal functioning of the lymphatic system by facilitating the removal of metabolic wastes, excess water, toxins, bacterium, viruses, broken cells, plasma, proteins, large fat molecules and foreign substances from the tissues via the lymphatic vessels and venous capillaries.

As this occurs, the inflow of daily nutritional requirements and the building materials for regeneration and growth are facilitated, and the immune system is activated, reducing pain, and stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system, which in turn alters the brain wave pattern to one which more closely resembles brain waves that are associated with reduction of stress. So MLD is a deeply relaxing treatment, benefiting the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual levels of the human experience.

The technique itself is a very gentle, feather touch, and a wave-like movement, which manually directs the lymph to the major drainage points, ie, in the neck, armpits, groin and behind the knees. When performed on the face this gentle treatment reduces puffiness, assists with clearing sinuses and unclogs pores and assists with wrinkle reduction.

Reiki Treatment
Reiki is commonly known as an ancient Japanese Healing Art as it was rediscovered by Dr Mikao Usui, a Buddhist Monk, in 1922 in Japan, and from there, through initiated students, went to Hawaii, America and gradually spread throughout Europe and the world.

Reiki is simply energy – the life-sustaining energy that runs through all of the creation, whether it be human, animal, vegetable, mineral, or planetary – it is Universal Love. Therefore, by being attuned to and connecting to this Universal Love energy and allowing it to flow through us, we can consciously pass it on to others (and use it for ourselves) for healing, calming, restoration. Reiki can solve a lot of problems for us – it recharges us, reduces pain, stress, emotional imbalances, speeds up the healing process and is a generally very important aid to well-being in these stressful times, both on a personal level and globally. We all have the ability to do Reiki, regardless of whether we know or believe that we do. It is when we are consciously aware of it and we consciously work with it (connect with it and put our minds to it) that it generates power and efficiency.

However, as with the majority of healing arts like Acupuncture, Acupressure, Lymphatic Drainage, Massage, Meditation etc., it far pre-dates the 20th century, and it is believed began in ancient India thousands of years ago. As with the majority of healing arts, it became lost or forgotten over the passage of time through the centuries. It is in relatively recent times that we are reconnecting to and experiencing the benefits and ‘magic’ of these Healing Arts and the integral part they play in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Theta Healing
Theta Healing is a technique developed by Vianna Stibal, a healer and medical intuitive who discovered that when she went into a Theta brainwave she could co-create and witness the body healing itself. Theta Healing began as a practice in the USA in 1995. Vianna’s first classes in the technique were offered in 1998, and teacher training commenced in 1999.

Theta Healing is a visualisation technique which allows us to connect to the energy in our Universe to change beliefs and to discover the underlying beliefs related to disease and illness. As we change those beliefs, the body begins to dis-create physical and emotional issues on a cellular level. We are in fact, the product of our thoughts. By using Theta Healing, we can change our mind/body connection to create better health and wellbeing.

Theta Healing can be used for trauma, fears and phobias, stress and depression, relationships and negative family patterns, to create abundance and prosperity, find success and reach goals. In fact, it can improve any area of your life. It is a remarkable tool for personal growth and for use as an alternative therapy treatment.

Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping)
EFT is a form of psychological acupressure, based on the same energy meridians used in traditional acupuncture to treat physical and emotional ailments for over five thousand years, but without the invasiveness of needles. Instead, simple tapping with the fingertips is used to input kinetic energy onto specific meridians on the head and chest while you think about your specific problem – whether it is a traumatic event, an addiction, pain, etc. — and voice positive affirmations.

This combination of tapping the energy meridians and voicing positive affirmation works to clear the “short-circuit” – the emotional block — from your body’s bioenergy system, thus restoring your mind and body’s balance, which is essential for optimal health and the healing of physical disease. EFT is helpful for many conditions or problems, including the following:

• Remove Negative Emotions

• Reduce Food Cravings

• Reduce or Eliminate Pain

• Implement Positive Goals

Sound Therapy - using Tibetan and Crystal Singing Bowls
Candida’s treatments are usually a combination of modalities and Sound Therapy using the Tibetan Singing Bowl is almost always included.

Sound generally affects us profoundly and in varying ways, influencing either our internal or external environment, sometimes both. The sound produced by the Tibetan Singing Bowl penetrates and vibrates at a cellular level producing the most profound peace and deep calm. When this stage is reached, the parasympathetic nervous system is engaged and healing and restoration occurs on many levels, namely, body, mind and spirit.

Hello Candida
I must tell you I feel very different today, being back at work. I am calm, confident and patient at my work today. I hope I can continue this feeling for quite some time and intend to meditate when I get home I believe the So Hum meditation is best for me . A very big thank you for the retreat.

– Best wishes D

Hi Candida,
Thank you for a wonderful experience. Photos are beautiful and I’m happy for you to use them as you wish. My first retreat and I learned so much from the whole group……it was a lovely time that I shall always remember, and thank YOU, for your sincerity and thoughtfulness in making sure that we achieved that which we all came together for.

– Love and Light from A

I found learning ways to improve the body, mind and soul to be so enlightening and simple – just have to ask. I Learned to still the mind and connect to the universe, to focus on becoming clearer and calmer in body and spirit and how group learning and camaraderie enable trust.

– From G

This retreat was in a great location, there was great food and great company and great teachings and great teacher. Candida’s insights and loving nature have been very valuable and are valuable to furthering understanding of how to balance mind, body and spirit and to love our self. I thoroughly recommend this retreat.

– Best wishes A

Hello Candida
I must tell you I feel very different today, being back at work. I am calm, confident and patient at my work today. I hope I can continue this feeling for quite some time and intend to meditate when I get home I believe the So Hum meditation is best for me . A very big thank you for the retreat.

– Best wishes D

This was a great introduction to meditation and self-awareness for any age group. I learned how to meditate and benefits of meditating, and how to alleviate stress levels and to become more grounded.

– Best wishes D

Hello Candida
I must tell you I feel very different today, being back at work. I am calm, confident and patient at my work today. I hope I can continue this feeling for quite some time and intend to meditate when I get home I believe the So Hum meditation is best for me . A very big thank you for the retreat.

– Best wishes D

What an amazing journey this weekend has been. The spiritual experience was Soul reaching. The meditation was a deep and expanding experience and being with like-minded women was great. I highly recommend Candida’s retreat. It was a great weekend.

– thank you. P

It was lovely to be able to share personal things without judgment and the whole group bonded very quickly. It was a great place to hold the retreat –I learned how to focus, to meditate and to use breathing techniques.

– thank you. B