Have you been wanting to feel complete confidence in yourself and in your ability to accomplish any task that you undertake, knowing that anything you set out to accomplish will be perfectly completed? Have you felt that you were being held back from success?

Hypnotherapy is an amazing tool and support for transformation – it is a form of very deep and focused relaxation and by being in this heightened and concentrated state, we can quiet the conscious mind which largely dominates our thinking, and so communicate with the subconscious mind.
It is in this deep state of relaxation that we can effect amazing transformation – we can begin the process of change we so deeply desire, by engaging our subconscious mind and bringing forward its power in positive ways, and focusing it on ways to help overcome problems and anxieties and gain the results we want – and so be the change we want to be.
Most of us have been hearing that we all deserve success and abundance, that these are our birthright…. I believe that is true, they are….however, some of us might be thinking, “well, why is this not happening when I am working and trying so hard?”.
It is my belief that somehow we are blocking the process – there is a fear somewhere within us of what success would mean in terms of what we would have to do to access it and/or maintain it; or a fear of being willing to accept the changes that it would bring. Indeed, there might be some belief we have, at probably the subconscious level, that we are undeserving – that success, abundance, financial prosperity are things other people have.
I would like to offer for your consideration a very important phrase – cause and effect – the understanding that we are ‘at cause’ for everything that happens in our life – that is we choose everything… how we show up in life, what we say, what we think, what we are willing to do or not do. If we are at ‘effect’, we maintain the belief that life happens to us and that we are somehow powerless or a victim of circumstances beyond our control. This doesn’t mean things are our fault or that we are to blame for whatever situation – it simply means that given what we perceived the consequences to be or our willingness/unwillingness to do or not do, we made a choice – and that choice is our responsibility.
I ask the question (and I have asked myself this same question and had a life-changing insight because of being at the point of very much wanting change to occur) “Where does my responsibility lie in my current circumstances?” Even if that responsibility is only 3% – there is a responsibility.
So if we can think of life happening through us (as opposed to us) we can see that whatever we created (our responsibility) in our life circumstance – we can discrete – if we created the problem we can solve it as well.
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Yours in gratitude and appreciation
Candida Vassallo
At Ease Candid Health